31 August 2009

September Costume Display

For the next 6 weeks, our new Display Case (courtesy of Lotterywest) will be showing this stunning Japanese silk kimono with its silver thread embroidery of a peacock. This kimono was used as a ladies dressing gown in the 1920s, before being donated to the museum in the early 1970s. Unfortunately accession records do not give the donor's name. Due to its very fragile nature, this is the first time the kimono has been placed on display.

28 August 2009

Tomato Stall

Another reason to visit the museum is to stock up on fresh, locally grown tomatoes and cucumbers. This stall (with its old-fashioned 'honesty box') outside the museum is run by members of the Vietnamese market gardening community in Geraldton (and Geraldton grows the best tomatoes in Australia). At only $1/bag its a bargain.

24 August 2009

Another New Book

Joy Clinch, the author of the above book has very kindly transferred copyright of the book to the Greenough Pioneer Museum, so that income from sales can be used for care of the collection.
The book provides a very interesting history of the Clinch family, influential pioneers of the Greenough Flats and also contains a wealth of information about Central Greenough.
The book is available from the museum for $28.00 plus $6.00 postage (to anywhere in Australia)

20 August 2009

"my dad broke horses"

A new book for sale at the Greenough Pioneer Museum is "my dad broke horses - the maleys of three springs". This small book was written by Fay McKinnon, daughter of Cecil Morrison Maley, and great granddaughter of John S. Maley and is a charming recollection of her childhood at Three Springs in the 1930/40s. Fay also reminiceses about members of the Maley family and describes her training as a nurse.
Many thanks go to Alex McKinnon for printing the book and to Fay for donating all proceeds of the sale of the book to the Greenough Pioneer Museum.
The book is available for only $7.50 (plus $6.00 postage throughout Australia)

09 August 2009

A Touch of Colour

New curtains have been fitted upstairs in the Children's Bedroom. Thanks to Sheila for selecting the material and to Jose for making and hanging the curtains. They add a touch of colour to the room.