22 April 2013

Seeking 8 significant toys from Greenough

This museum has just been given a “peekaboo’ cupboard courtesy of the WA Museum Geraldton.
With 9 separate compartments, when filled with toys the cupboard will be placed in the Children’s Room, where we hope it will enthral children and adults alike. We are now seeking 8 toys from Greenough that have stories to tell (whilst the children are attracted to the toys, it is the adults who like the stories).

The teddy bear in the central compartment is there to provide an example of the sort of toy we are seeking.
Teddy Bear c1990
This Teddy Bear was given to the donor when he was in his mid-thirties by his girlfriend. Lyn Bowron  was shocked to hear that Gary had never ever possessed a bear. “Boswell” sat ignored in the corner of his bedroom at Belay Farm, Walkaway, until claimed by Elizabeth (Beth) Parker, the donor’s niece. Beth promptly re-named him “My Bear” and took him home.
In early 1994, Beth returned the bear to Gary, stating that she now had enough toys of her own. On the 20th May 1994, four year old Beth Parker died in a freak accident at her Walkaway home.
The bear, now a bearer of unhappy memories was shoved into an outbuilding at Belay Farm, where it became fodder for rats.
Donated by Gary Martin 2013/19
Of course, I hope you have toys with much happier stories to tell! We hope to include a wide range of toys from the late 1800s to fairly recent times. The toys need to fit in a space that is 280mm wide by 240mm deep by 290mm high.
If you have a toy you are willing to donate for this project please contact the curator at the Greenough Museum by email pioneer_museum@westnet.com.au.