09 September 2016

Greenough Museum 50th birthday gifts

Some of the 50th Birthday Gifts to the Greenough Museum that will be added to the museum's collection.
 Child's chamber pot donated by John and Lyn Sewell.
 Victorian era mounted policeman's horse bit donated by Joy McDonald.
 Portrait of Stan Maley by Anthea da Silva donated by Stan Maley.
 6 beer glasses made from stubbies donated by Murray Blythe.
 Painting of an Amangu man painted by Anthea da Silva and donated by the artist.
 Gentleman's top hat in it's original carton donated by Gary Martin.
 Watercolour of a coastal scene donated by the Geraldton Regional Art Gallery.
Horse hobbles donated by Peter Hannaford.
Many thanks to all who donated gifts and sent birthday cards.