08 November 2010

Can You Guess What This Was Used For?

This Cowry Shell is a recent donation, and at first glance not the sort of object you would associate with the pioneers of Greenough.
It is a however a lovely example of making-do, and originally came from the workbasket of Edith K. Clinch (nee Waldeck).
Arthur Clinch married Edith (or Topsy as she was more lovingly known) on 8 November 1892, and the couple went on to live at Mill Farm (the former Greenough Hotel). In those days, frugality prevailed, and as a farmer's wife, one of the skills Topsy would have learnt was how to mend clothes. This beautiful shell was used by Topsy as a darning mushroom for mending socks.
Unfortunately we do not know who gave Topsy the shell. There could be a lovely story there.
The shell has been donated to this museum by Topsy's grand-daughter, Joy.