02 October 2012

Old Museum - New Beginnings

After 46 years, the Geraldton Historical Society has departed from this museum, taking with them the collection. Whilst this might seem a disaster, it also allows the museum the opportunity to reinvent itself and make it more relevant to younger generations of visitors. Thus the headline "old museum - new beginnings."
In the meantime, most of the building has been closed off to allow for maintenance. We still encourage visitors. In this interim period, we suggest you stroll through the gardens, admire the historic trees and view the old farm machinery. The front room of the museum will also remain open  displaying images of the Maley family.

19 September 2012

Farewell Camel Wagon

After being on display at this museum since 1967, the Boolardy camel wagon (reputedly one of the largest wagons ever built), left this museum for an unknown destination.

18 September 2012

Dispersal of a collection

Over the last fortnight a small group from the Geraldton-Greenough Historical Society has been removing the collection from this museum. Apparently objects are being placed in storage, but no museum ethics are being followed during this removal. If you or your family donated objects to this museum, please contact the Geraldton-Greenough Historical Society gtonhistsoc@wn.com.au to determine where they have been relocated to, and what future plans the society has for those objects.

30 July 2012

Distress Signal

With the long-term future of this museum uncertain, how appropriate that the Western Australian flag was flying upside-down today.

20 February 2012

New and renewed

As these tuarts (planted in the early 1960s) matured, they expanded and pushed over the adjacent stone wall. Work has just been completed on erecting a new wire fence to fill the gap where the stone walls couldn't be rebuilt.

16 February 2012

Wedding Display 1

As this year is the 150th anniversary of John S. Maley's marriage to Elizabeth K. Waldeck, we have decided to celebrate by using the theme of Weddings in the Lotterywest Dispay Case.
Included in this display (based on the 1910s) is a cream wedding dress with wedding bell patterned lace; a prayer book inscribed "present from M.W. Truslove to C.R. King, 1916"; the wedding photograph of Richard Prendergast and Maryanne Silcock; the marriage certificate of Albert Criddle and Eliza McDermott (St James Church, South Greenough 21 January 1913); and a wedding invitation sent by Mr Armstrong for the Armstrong/Stokes wedding reception to be held at the Golden Sheaf, North Greenough on 24 January 1912.