08 November 2010

Can You Guess What This Was Used For?

This Cowry Shell is a recent donation, and at first glance not the sort of object you would associate with the pioneers of Greenough.
It is a however a lovely example of making-do, and originally came from the workbasket of Edith K. Clinch (nee Waldeck).
Arthur Clinch married Edith (or Topsy as she was more lovingly known) on 8 November 1892, and the couple went on to live at Mill Farm (the former Greenough Hotel). In those days, frugality prevailed, and as a farmer's wife, one of the skills Topsy would have learnt was how to mend clothes. This beautiful shell was used by Topsy as a darning mushroom for mending socks.
Unfortunately we do not know who gave Topsy the shell. There could be a lovely story there.
The shell has been donated to this museum by Topsy's grand-daughter, Joy.

22 October 2010

Recent Donation

The latest donation to the collection is this very fine tapestry of Maley's Bridge at Greenough. The tapestry was made from coloured wool by Jan Weaver and purchased many years ago by Colin and Lorina Maley. At a morning tea held at the Pioneer Museum on Sunday 3 October for members of the Maley family who were attending the Waldeck 150 Reunion, Lorina presented the tapestry on behalf of her late husband who had been born in this house in 1912.

11 September 2010

Music, Music, Music

As part of the Interpretation of the Nickelodeon, we have had this cutout figure made and on him are the words to the Nickolodeon song, or to give it its correct title, Music Music Music.

Who can remember the words?

"Put another nickel in, in the nickelodeon.
And all I want is loving you, and music, music, music.
I'd do anything for you; anything you'd want me to.
All I want is kissing you and music, music, music.
Closer, my dear come closer.
The nicest part of any melody is when you're dancing close to me.
...So put another nickel in, in the nickelodeon.
All I want is loving you and music, music, music."

Perhaps not so surprisingly, this is one tune you would not have heard on this nickelodeon. The song was written by Stephen Weiss and Bernie Baum in 1949 and made popular in Australia by Petula Clarke in 1950. Far too late for this "Fully Automated Mechanical Piano" to give it its correct title.

After playing for many years to wonderous visitors, our nickelodeon was badly damaged about 10 years ago when a former curator decided to install an electric motor to save having to wind up the machine manually.

It has been estimated it would cost around $25,000 to now get the machine back to working order! To date we have collected less than 1/10th of the quote! Any donations welcome.

Spring in the Vegie Garden

September is such a glorious month to be at Greenough. Sunny days, cool nights, the occasional shower of rain, and everything is blooming.

The Vegie Garden is also coming into full production. Salad days indeed.

04 September 2010

Recent Donation

A recent donation to the museum has been this bookcase, which has come in very handy for housing our collection of antique books. But what is really special about this piece is the information on the back.
Painted very elegantly in black is, "Rev William Treacy, c/o Rev. E. Brereton, Geraldton." Now we know Rev Brereton was Roman Catholic priest at Geraldton from 1888, but to date have found no information about Rev Treacy. If you have any information, please contact us so we can complete the data base.

03 July 2010

Costume Display Case - July/August Display

Celebrating the Anglican Diocese of North West Australia's Centenary
The Anglican Church of North West Australia is the largest land-mass Diocese in the world, covering 2 million sq km. The Diocese extends north from Dongara to the Northern Territory border and east to the borders of South Australia and the Northern Territory. The Diocese was formed on 4 July 1910 when Bishop Trower was enthroned.
Within the Diocese are 18 parishes, one of which is Greenough. The Parish of Greenough was formed in 1864 with the appointment of George R. Howard as the first Rector.
The first Bishop - Gerard Trower (1910-1927)
[photo courtesy of Anglican Diocese of North West Australia]

In commemoration of this event a display has been set up in the Costume Display case. Included in the display are two sets of clothing (day and evening wear) worn by Bishop Trower; the altar cross from St James' Church, South Greenough (the oldest surviving church in the Diocese); an "Illustrated Family Bible" from 1838 which belonged to Rev Howard; and some shingle from the roof of Christ Church, Geraldton (demolished 1962).

23 June 2010

Vegie Garden Report

Although it is not proving to be a wet winter, we have had enough rain to re-establish the vegie garden. This year we have sourced heirloom seeds from the Diggers Club to sow, these include Golden Pod peas, radishes, beetrot and a variety of beans. Also in are Cos lettuce, leeks, eggplants, bok choy and potatoes (under straw). New Zealand Spinach, Parsley and Coriander are sprouting everywhere and the Chives growing rampant.
It is a great time of the year to be working outside, and the vegie garden is a visual as well as culinary delight.

New Interpretive Panel

With funding from the Mid West Development Commission a sign has been installed near the Bowes Gates at the rear of the Museum. This sign also provides information on the buildings to be viewed over the gates, and nearby.
As an example of recycling, the frame of an old Pioneer Museum sign has been re-used to support the new panel.

28 May 2010

Biggest Morning Tea - A Wonderful Time enjoyed by All

Despite inclement weather over 30 people turned up at the Pioneer museum on Thursday 27 May to help raise funds for the Cancer Council. Because of the wet weather, what was supposed to have been a garden party had to move into the Dining & Music Rooms of the museum. Guests enjoyed their tea & coffee and a wide array of generously donated cakes, scones & savouries, whilst catching up on local gossip, reminiscing, and listening to a selection of tunes from the 1920s played on the museum's Edison phonograph.
Thanks go out to the Hampton Arms and the Central Greenough Historic Settlement for donating cakes and scones; to Bentwood Olive Grove and Lil & Marge for donating local produce to be raffled and to everyone who supported this event.In all, $454.00 was raised for the Cancer Council.
Also, thanks to Two Fish Drowning for donating a framed aerial photo of the Abrolhos reefs that was auctioned on the day. That money, along with donations from Rock of Ages Bed & Breakfast and Gary Martin has been used to purchase a stainless steel urn to help with the catering of future events.

18 May 2010

Biggest Morning Tea

Why not join us at the Pioneer Museum on Thursday 27 May between 10.00 and 11.30am? We will be holding a morning tea to raise funds for the Cancer Council.

10 April 2010

Serving the Empire

In commemoration of Anzac Day, a temporary display has been prepared about the sons and grandsons of John and Elizabeth Maley who served in the Armed Forces.

Boer War 1899-1901

Albert Edward Maley

Henry Kennedy Maley

Arthur Roy Maley

World War One 1914-1918

Irwin Munro Whitfield (died in action) - picture below

Albert Edward Maley

Frederick William Maley

Septimus Frank Maley

John Stuart Mills

George Morrison Maley

World War Two 1939-1945

Kenneth Morrison Maley

John Lawrence Maley (killed)

Albert Lawrence Maley

Colin Kennedy Maley

Alan Kennedy Maley

[more information and photographs of these men is available on the Greenough Pioneer Museum webpage].

The Anzac Day Dawn Service will once again be held at the Central Greenough Historical Settlement.

31 March 2010

Cellar Repairs

The walls in the Cellar have now been re-pointed and re-plastered, the work being carried out by Keboda Stone Construction. Above - Before; Below - After

Above - Before; Below - After

Before the work could commence, the Cellar had to be cleared of objects (over 250). Thanks go out to Fay, Irene, Heather, Alex and Jose for assisting in moving, cleaning and replacing objects.

14 February 2010

New Directional Sign

Stage I of the Historic Trees Project has now been completed with the installation of this directional sign, designed and constructed by a local craftsman.
Stage II will be commencing soon with the installation of gates and an all-weather path. This project is being funded by a City of Geraldton-Greenough Community Grant.

15 January 2010

Historic Tree Signs in place

The four stainless steel signs providing information about some of the historic trees in the Pioneer Museum grounds have now been installed. Thanks go out to the City of Geraldton-Greenough for funding this project. These signs will help enhance visitor experience to this museum.