20 February 2012

New and renewed

As these tuarts (planted in the early 1960s) matured, they expanded and pushed over the adjacent stone wall. Work has just been completed on erecting a new wire fence to fill the gap where the stone walls couldn't be rebuilt.

16 February 2012

Wedding Display 1

As this year is the 150th anniversary of John S. Maley's marriage to Elizabeth K. Waldeck, we have decided to celebrate by using the theme of Weddings in the Lotterywest Dispay Case.
Included in this display (based on the 1910s) is a cream wedding dress with wedding bell patterned lace; a prayer book inscribed "present from M.W. Truslove to C.R. King, 1916"; the wedding photograph of Richard Prendergast and Maryanne Silcock; the marriage certificate of Albert Criddle and Eliza McDermott (St James Church, South Greenough 21 January 1913); and a wedding invitation sent by Mr Armstrong for the Armstrong/Stokes wedding reception to be held at the Golden Sheaf, North Greenough on 24 January 1912.