31 December 2011


We recently had the opportunity to collect some Ironbark that had been bulldozed to make way for a new boundary fence. This beautiful timber was traditionally used for construction work on the Greenough Flats, but now large trees are relatively scarce.

The Hills Hoist has been replaced by a more traditional clothesline, complete with props.

The Vegie Garden has been extended, and the timber used for new gateposts.

28 December 2011


This museum is now on Twitter.
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19 December 2011

Christmas Shopping in the 1860s

In the Maley Archives at this museum are hundreds of documents relating to Maley's Store and Mill. Below are two that relate to this time of year.

Above is a note from Robert Brockman allowing Henry Shields to update his cooking equipment.
Brockman was a farmer at Greenough, and Shields is most likely Convict No.7269, a seaman and carpenter who was court martialled in Singapore at sent to the colony in 1863.
Below is the December 1868 delivery list to Maley's store from Crowther's store in Geraldton.