08 August 2016

50th Birthday presents and cards

As this museum approaches its 50th birthday on 4th September, why not give the museum a present or birthday card? After all, museums, like people, appreciate gifts.
Your gift could be something for the museum collection (please contact the curator at pioneer_museum@westnet.com.au for details about the Collection Management Policy), it could be money or it could be something useful for the day to day operations of the museum and gardens.
Also why not send a birthday card - hand-made cards especially appreciated. All cards will be kept in the museum archives.
You gift or card can be delivered to the museum or posted to the Greenough Museum & Gardens, PO Box 2011, Geraldton, WA, 6531, Australia.
Thank you.

Approaching 50 years at the Greenough Museum

Did you know this is the oldest museum to open in the Mid West of Western Australia? Then known as the Wonga Park Folk Museum, it first opened on Sunday 4th September 1966. Above is a poster from that era. Over the last 50 years there have been numerous changes. The museum is now managed by the Community Group of Greenough, has been renamed the Greenough Museum & Gardens and Adult admissions are now $5.00. The good news is that children still get in for free. On Sunday 4th September this museum celebrates its 50th birthday. Come down and join in the celebrations. You will be pleasantly surprised at the changes that have occurred. This is more than a traditional house museum.