23 March 2011

Forget the Stairs

Are you wanting to visit the Pioneer Museum, but concerned about climbing up or down stairs? Well, now you can relax. We have recently placed in the Office a photograph album with views of the upstairs bedrooms, the cellar, and some of the objects contained in these rooms.
You can now sit in comfort and take a leisurely tour of the less accessible parts of this museum.

10 March 2011

Conservation Work Continues

Over the previous four weeks the Geraldton-Greenough Historical Society has funded the restoration of an old stone building at the rear of the museum. The work was undertaken by a professional stonemason, and the restored stonework was white-washed using a traditional method.
West view of the "Old Garage" before and after.

South wall of the building before and after.

View of the cesspit adjacent to the "Double Dunnie" before and after.