31 October 2008

New Accessions

Our latest aquisitions are two certificates relating to the Maley family. The first is Amy Maley's (John and Elizabeth's 5th child) Wedding Certificate. Amy married Edward Whitfield at the Greenough Wesleyan Church on 4 April 1894. The marriage was wittnessed by her brother John M. Maley and his fiancee, Ethel Clinch. Interestingly, John Stephen Maley listed his profession as 'Engineer.'
This document was recently encapsulated to ensure its preservation at a Paper Conservation Workshop held at the Geraldton-Greenough Regional Libray.

The other document is the Birth Certificate of Mary Guerin Whitfield (Amy's youngest child). Mary (or Polly as she was more familiarly known) was born at Greenhills on 27 September 1902.

These two documents arrived at the museum through a chance conversation with a visitor who had known Polly.

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