31 December 2008

January's Past

The Greenough Pioneer Museum has a large collection of original documents including letters, store orders, account books etc that were found in Maley’s Store. These documents are too fragile to be on permanent display, so the aim is to eventually scan them and so make them available to the public digitally.

In celebration of New Year's Day, here are 2 letters from January's past.

Greenough January
Mr J S Maley
Sir please send me one gallon of Brandy and oblige
J C Bone
Letter received by John S. Maley on 2 January 1869 from his brother-in-law, Henry Waldeck.
Dear John
Will you please send me a Bag of Sugar or if you cannot spare a Bag a half a one will do I haven’t got a bit to give to the men to take in the bush
Yours Truly
Henry Waldeck

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