30 July 2012

Distress Signal

With the long-term future of this museum uncertain, how appropriate that the Western Australian flag was flying upside-down today.


Anonymous said...

The long term future of the museum is only at risk if the ex caretakers and their fellow opportunists persist with their ridiculous tirade against the Geraldton Historical Society. The society started the museum and have cared for it since the 1960's. Why should another group take over?

GPM said...

The new group asked to lease and be responsible for the long-term care of the collection. Their offer was not even considered and now the collection is being removed through spite, not concern for our heritage.

Anonymous said...

The new group applied for the lease of the "buildings and grounds" NOT the collection. The collection has not been removed from spite but because the Historical Society does not have a building at the present time. Why didn't all people concerned about the removal of the collection and closure of the museum take their anger and rudeness out on the ten Councillors who made the decision to award the lease to another group and kick the Historical out of the building. Some people are like owls "the more light you shine on them the less they see"