12 October 2013

Why Do Museums Display Objects in Glass Cases?

The new Greenough Museum is a more hands-on experience. We actually encourage people to touch. However, there are some objects that need to be encased because of their significance to Greenough and their fragility. One such object is the Royce rockinghorse.
With support from the City of Greater Geraldton, a perspex case was made to place over this toy. When the perspex case arrived it was partially covered in brown paper, and a decision was made to leave that paper on so that visitors could write their comments about why this toy was encased.

This has been popular with both children and adults. Some of the comments written include:-

Very important to preserve, part of our history and can’t be replaced – Janice
Sometimes glass is appropriated but it diminishes the ‘real’ experience of being a part of history. Prefer no glass.
Why is it in a cage?
 Why not it is old and we have to keep memories – Jayga.
But memory is a thought, isn’t that enough? Let things die.
Yes, because when I was young we had a rocking horse and my aunt sold it as she didn’t value it. I’m 67 and still miss it.

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