09 March 2015

"Beam me up Scotty" display case moved.

After much struggle the "Beam me up Scotty" displace case has been moved into the Archives Room. This empty display case poses the following question to visitors:-
"Imagine you could be teleported 100 years into the future. You then revisit this museum. What present day objects would you expect to see displayed here?"
Some recent comments include:
James - 2015 clothes, there might be a big difference.
Irene - IPhone, because it can store everything in it, pictures, music, etc. Will be a great blast from the past!
Suzanne - A flowering plant. We need to protect nature and enjoy it everyday.
Georgina - Spiderman comic, because comics are a big thing.
Kate - USB stick, because they are the new photo albums.
To see other comments or add you own, please visit the museum.


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